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  • US Span Book 2017 Item code: USSP-17-E

    This book provides a convenient reference for spans for common species of Canadian and U.S. dimension lumber, fully in accord with United States building codes and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) requirements. In addition, this book provides information on Canadian species group and their properties.

  • Wood Design Manual 2017 Item code: WDM0-17-E

    The 2017 Wood Design Manual is a two-volume publication that includes a copy of the “Engineering design in wood” standard (CSA O86-14 incorporating Update No.1 - May 2016 and Update No.2 – June 2017). The Wood Design Manual has a similar scope to the “Concrete Design Handbook” and the “Handbook for Steel Construction”, providing practitioners with essential information for the design of structural wood components following a Part 4 engineered design approach.

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    Les informations du Manuel de calcul des charpentes en bois sont basées sur les dernières informations présentés dans le Code national du bâtiment du Canada (2010) et dans la norme CSA O86-09, Règles de calcul des charpentes en bois (le manuel contient le CSA O86-09, Règles de calcul des charpentes en bois).

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  • Introduction to Wood Design 2011 Item code: IWD3-11-E

    Introduction to Wood Design has been prepared to facilitate and encourage the instruction of wood engineering at Canadian universities and colleges. The publication is a supplement to the Wood Design Manual 2010.

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    The Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction has been produced by CWC to provide guidance to engineers, building designers, building officials, builders, and students of these disciplines on the structural design of wood elements and connections for wood frame buildings that fall within the scope of Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada. The Guide was revised, in this 2014 Edition, in order to conform to changes in the 2015 edition of the National Building Code of Canada.

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    Directives et méthodes de calcul des ossatures légères en bois soumises à des charges dues à la pesanteur, au vent et aux séismes. Ce guide s'applique particulièrement aux bâtiments assujettis à la partie 9 du CNB.

  • Canadian Span Book 2009 Item code: SB06-09-E

    No carpenter would head for the job site without a hammer, and no designer should begin specifying wood floor or roof members without a copy of the Span Book.

    A supplement to the Span Tables in the 2010 edition of the National Building Code of Canada.

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  • Le livre des portées 2009 Item code: SB00-09-F

    Le charpentier ne devrait jamais se rendre au site de travail sans son marteau, et un concepteur ne devrait jamais entreprendre la réalisation de spécifications pour les solives de plancher et les chevrons en bois sans un exemplaire du livre des portées.

  • Permanent Wood Foundations 2016 Item code: PWF0-16-E

    Permanent Wood Foundations (PWF) brings together all of the standards and building practices used to build these types of foundations. The 2016 edition has been updated to conform to the requirements of CSA S406-16, CSA O86-14 and NBC 2015.  In addition, updated stud selection tables for PWF which support up to 3-storeys above the foundation, updated selection tables for PWF walls which support even backfill heights (e.g. walk-out basements), updated building science guidance and details, and additional requirements for PWF in high wind and seismic locations are also included.

  • Fondations en Bois Traité Item code: PWF0-00-F

    Cette publication réunit les normes et méthodes les plus récentes pour la construction de fondations en bois traité - FBT.

  • Canadian Lumber Properties Item code: CLP0-00-E

    Canadian Lumber Properties is a source of information on the structural properties of Canadian softwood lumber derived from full-size ("in-grade") tests.

    This is an electronic publication (PDF).

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    Engineers, architects, building code officials, builders, developers, students and professors all turn to Introduction to Wood Building Technology - the most current guide to the construction of wood buildings.

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